Our Products

3D AusMed is an Australian company providing personal protective equipment (PPE) across the globe from locally acquired Australian sources and manufactured to the highest quality standards. We are driven by our moral principles and determination to excel. This comes from the deeply held sense of commitment and service to others.

Australian Made Surgical Masks

Level 3 surgical masks provides the maximum barrier protection for any situation that exposes a person to heavy level of aerosols, sprays and fluids. Masks are made in NSW Australia that meet the Level 3 requirements and ARTG approval.

Eye Protection

Eyesight protection is the utmost consideration in fields that involve splashes, aerosols, droplets or the potentiality of something entering the eyes. The risk of infectious diseases is nullified through the use and correct application of appropriate safety eyewear. Opting for eyewear that ensures protection as well as comfort is a decision that will have bearing on all frontline staff as well as those in hazardous areas or work environments.

Surgical Gowns

Protective personal equipment aprons repel water-based liquids as well as solid matter in any medical, clinical, food processing or other sensitive environment in which cross contamination may occur. The apron is single use, made from polypropylene and has excellent coverage wrapping around the body.

Surgical Gloves

These Hytec gloves are manufactured to International Quality Systems IOS 9002. Single-use gloves offer protection from unwanted or dangerous substances. Due to the construct of the gloves and minimal chemical residue contained therein, incidences of allergenic reactions are reduced and the powder-free option removes the risk of irritations and dermatitis. Vinyl and Nitrile gloves are free from latex allergen and the nitrile offers excellent puncture resistance. Nitrile gloves are completely textured to enhance wet and dry grip and offer an alternative to those sensitive to natural rubber latex.

Differences worth consideration

Superior Medical
Grade Quality

Australian Level 3 standard certified through Intertek and Vic Labs.

Packages to suit all medical requirements and settings

Masks are Australian made with clean high quality material