Australian owned, operated, and manufactured.

Quality, performance and innovation for a changing world

Australian Owned, Operated and Manufactured.

3D AusMed is an Australian company providing personal protective equipment (PPE) across the globe from locally acquired Australian sources and manufactured to the highest quality standards. We are driven by our moral principles and determination to excel. This comes from the deeply held sense of commitment and service to others.

Australian Made Surgical Masks

Level 3 surgical masks provides the maximum barrier protection for any situation that exposes a person to heavy level of aerosols, sprays and fluids. Masks are made in NSW Australia meeting the Level 3 Australian standard with ARTG approval.

Disposable Protective Apparel

Disposable protective apparel for hospitals & the general public.

Sterilisation Packaging & Accessories

Medical Packages to suit all medical requirements and settings.

Trusted medical supplies manufactured to meet strict Australian Standards

Superior Medical
Grade Quality

Level 3 highest standard certified through Intertek and Vic Labs

Packages to suit all medical requirements and settings

Masks are Australian made with clean high quality materials

Exceeding Standards

Established to produce the highest quality standards and surpass the most stringent medical and regulatory requirements anywhere in the world, including Australia and New Zealand. Our vision is to ensure unmatched quality and compliance.

Call the customer service line to speak to one of our team members on 1300 233 422 or email us.

Testing Constant and Ongoing